When starting a Clothing Brand, Making custom products can be complicated and overpriced. I (Dominick Lefebvre) Started my Clothing Brand @thefourdoors in 2017. With little experience about what I was looking for and improper judgment and no guidance whatsoever. I ended up overpaying for my Clothing Products. The worst part about it all was the fact that I had such horrible experiences with every so-called "Print Shop" I tried to do business with. It was discouraging.

With EVERY "Printing Suppliers" I ran into the Following Problems:






I remember paying over 3,000.00$ on my very FIRST order of Clothing and it was one color vinyl [HTV] Pressed on Gildan Shirts and Hoodies. The Quality of the Gildan Hoodies and T-Shirts was not the problem. The problem was that I had no choice on what kind of printing quality I wanted to have on my clothing line. I had NO updates during the process... (Feeling lost and confused and stressed) I was the one always having to reach out to the printing company. No outreaching communication whatsoever. Taking into consideration the number of products I had ordered the price that the "Print Store" charged me was absolutely outrageous. Knowing the information I have today about ALL the costs of printing products. I'm disgusted how older "wiser" men took advantage of my uneducated situation as a "Money Opportunity" for them to fill up their pockets. (Going through all that pain at 17 years old, made me realize something: I can do it better.) (What I thought was supposed to be a Fun, Exciting, Immersive and a Captivating Experience was becoming a nightmare). Fast-forward a few years, Wholeprinting is Founded. Never Overcharging, Always offering the multiples choices fitting everyone's situation a budget rang. And most importantly, Before, During, and After the Wholeprinting Process®

there's Communication to make YOU FEEL CONNECTED.  

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